Other Projects overview

Project Overview 1

#Food #Customer experience                                                                                Employer: Epoca                                                                                                  Client: Barilla - Marketing and Innovation department     

Barilla- Improve Cucina Barilla user-customer experience.                      Barilla is the world leader in pasta production.                                                  Cucina Barilla is a new meal preparation service that is born out of the desire of exploring new businesses while meeting the ever-changing customer needs. After releasing the first pilot of the service, Barilla aims at improving its market penetration.                                                                          My team analyzed the service and identified its gain points and pain points, in order to refine the value proposition and redesign the customer experience.
My role: as a Junior Service and Product Designer, I was in charge of user research, customer journey design, and the realization of mock-ups. I worked in a team with 2 other product designers and we collaborated with a multidisciplinary team of professionals from Barilla. 


Project Overview 4

#Pharma and Healthcare #patient experience
Employer: Almacube                                                                                                Client: Sanofi Genzyme - Marketing and Innovation department


Sanofi Genzyme-Improve the diagnostic process of patients affected by rare diseases.                                                                                                              Rare diseases are extremely difficult to diagnose since each patient presents very different symptoms. Furthermore, doctors are not used to meeting this kind of disease and struggle to identify them. As a result, the patient is often left alone in their journey.
We analyzed how the current diagnostic process works and defined a solution to raise awareness about rare diseases among medical students.
My role: Senior Service Designer*.



Project Overview 3

#Service #Sustainability                                                                         Employer: Almacube                                                                                             Client: AIMAG - Innovation department


AIMAG- Improve the bioplastic recycling process
AIMAG is a regional multiservice company responsible for garbage disposal.  Rigid bioplastic is a material conceived to combine good structural features with the possibility of turning them into compost. However, its higher density results in a longer composting time which is not compatible with the composting process AIMAG’s plants rely upon. Consequently, the rigid bioplastic cannot turn into compost (which AIMAG can sell) and ends up being disposed of in landfills (resulting in a cost for AIMAG). 

My team investigated the disposal process to identify solutions to enable the bioplastic composting process. We tested solutions at different stages of the process, from bioplastic collection to plant operations.
My role: Senior Service Designer*. 


Project Overview

#Large-scale retail trade #customer experience                                                Client: Coop Alleanza 3.0 - Marketing and Site management department        Employer: Almacube


Coop Alleanza 3.0-Gen. Z future retail experience.                                        Coop Alleanza 3.0 is one of the main supermarket chains in Italy. Being a cooperative, Coop Alleanza 3.0 business model and operations rely significantly on the membership fee of its customers, as well as on their participation in the cooperative decisions. However, the cooperative struggles to acquire generation z members.

We designed a new membership acquisition experience that is more consistent with Gen Z behaviors, habits, and needs.
My role: Senior service designer*. 

Project Overview 2

#Technology #IOT
Employer: Almacube                                                                                                  Client: Poggipolini - Innovation department


Poggipolini - Sensorized Fastener
Poggipolini is an Italian company leader in the critical fastener market which developed sens-in bolt, a new model of sensorized critical fastener. This innovation opened up a multitude of possible new businesses based on data collection. This project represented the company first step in digital services.

My team helped the company to define which strategic markets to target and we developed the first concept of digital service based on sens-in bolt technology.
My role: Senior service designer*


thumbnail coopservice

#Hospital Service #Human Resources                                                            Client: Coopservice- Public competitions office                                              Employer: Almacube 

Coopservice- Cleaning resources                                                              Coopservice is the Italian market leader in healthcare cleaning services. In recent years it has lost customers due to the advent of smaller competing companies offering the same service at a much lower price. Coopservice wants to differentiate itself by making its cleaning service more efficient without detriment to the quality of life of its operators and the service itself.

My team and I analyzed the current workflow of the operators and developed a new organization of human resources that would allow contracting activities with little added value, and usually more unpleasant for the operators, in favor of activities with high added value. The result of the project was included by the company in its responses to public tenders.

My role: Senior service designer*


*Senior Service Designer. I managed the relationship with the client, defined the project timeline, facilitated co-design sessions, and supervised the work of a multidisciplinary team of junior professionals from User research to mock-up development.