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Client: Oper.Space, Bologna                                                                                    Oper. Space is the centre of Open Innovation of the University of Bologna.

Team:                                                                                                                            Alice Colombo- Visual designer & Illustrator
Lorenzo Calzolari - Developer                                                                                   

Silvia Marchini - Ux designer and project manager                                             As a UX designer, I have designed the interfaces, their flow and created the written content.
As a project manager, I coordinated the different competencies involved in the website development.


Goal of the project:

The outcome:

Every year carries out several innovation projects, applying the design thinking approach and involving corporate professionals and students. The DT mindset website is born-out of the desire to track how these collaborators evolve their mindset when engaged in these projects.
The DT Mindset website enables collaborators to do a design thinking mindset self-assessment through a scientifically validated questionnaire.
Design thinking mindset stands for a designer's capability to tackle innovation projects with an attitude derived from the design thinking approach (ex. dealing with uncertainty, being experimentation oriented, etc...).

The DT mindset website is now online; its UX has been tested and validated with users; the next steps will be to launch its first filling round and implement different functions. Stay tuned!

The UX challenge:

Data about design thinking mindset are collected for a scientific purpose, therefore the website need to be:
believable , since it is based on scientific studies,
engaging to encourage its first compilation and repeat it in the future, to track each user’s mindset evolution.
Bias-proof, in order to foster honest answers.
Clear and accessible to people who aren’t too familiar with design thinking and are about to tackle their first design thinking project.

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