Rethinking the strategy and the Business Model

Client: Interporto Bologna




Role: UX researcher & Innovation designer



Interporto Bologna is a logistics hub for road transport. Its primary source of income is the sale of land to companies that build warehouses to store goods and truck parking lots. However, the land available for sale is running out, and the region's infrastructure plans will shift significant freight volumes to the rail line. Interporto Bologna seeks to identify new services that can meet tenants' needs.
How can we rethink the strategic, operational, and business model of services to add value to the Interporto spaces by meeting the needs of tenants?



A new vision was developed. Interporto Bologna will switch from being a logistics center to becoming a facilitator of the relationships between the tenants and the actors, inside and outside it, to create a synergistic ecosystem capable of generating mutual value.
As an output of the project, we also defined three new services that Interporto has implemented.



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