Innovative Tech-to-Market Onboarding Experience.

Client: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia




Role: UX researcher & Project Manager



The Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT) is a prominent European research center whose mission is to develop breakthrough technologies.
When the inventions still need to be implemented on an industrial scale, IIT must collaborate with companies to develop the prototype further. However, most companies are uncomfortable investing due to the technology's low development level. The challenge of the project is to rethink the corporate partners' onboarding process to build trust and show them the benefit of contributing to the technology development.



CO/LAB transforms the corporate partners' onboarding experience and helps the scientists at IIT find companies to develop their technology. CO/LAB creates an interactive simulation of the implementation of the technology. This software takes the various questions that often get lost during meetings and creates an organized, concise platform where all data can be viewed coherently. After finishing the simulation, companies will receive a detailed report of the results to bring back to their financial team for assessment. 





Together with my team, we investigated the current process of IIT while onboarding companies to identify the critical phases. Later I defined a new improved journey.


1st user journey



IIT need:
Collect data from the company and understand if and how to build a pilot in the plant.

Company need:
Evaluate the future technology's potential and understand the rationale behind data sharing.


2nd user journey-TT




After we defined the flow and thus what screens we needed, we proceeded with creating the wireframes to explore the experience in more detail on a screen-by-screen level. 


wireframe 4

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