Mindset self-assessment                       https://designthinkingmindset.unibo.it/

Client: Università di Bologna

Role: UX researcher & Project Manager                                                                As a UX designer, I have designed the interfaces, their flow and created the written content.
As a project manager, I coordinated the different competencies involved in the website development


Project background

Every year UniBo carries out several innovation projects, applying the design thinking approach and involving corporate professionals and students. The DT mindset website is born out of the desire to track how these collaborators evolve their mindset when engaged in these projects.



The DT Mindset website enables Oper.space collaborators to do a design thinking mindset self-assessment through a scientifically validated questionnaire.



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The UX challenge


Data about design thinking mindset are collected for a scientific purpose. Therefore the website needs to be:
believable since it is based on scientific studies,
engaging to encourage its first compilation and repeat it in the future, to track each user’s mindset evolution.
Bias-proof, to foster honest answers.
Clear and accessible to people who aren’t too familiar with design thinking and are about to tackle their first design thinking project.




I designed both the mobile and desktop UX.

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