DKV Xpress

Truck emergency service 

Client: DKV mobility                                                                                        Employer: Almacube                                                                                                  

My role: Senior Service Designer. I was in charge of managing the relationship with the company and supervising the work of a multidisciplinary team of young professionals.



DKV, whose motto is "you drive we care" provides a wide variety of services to road freight transport companies (trucks). One of the major services offered is trailer service and repair in the case of accidents or malfunction of trucks on the road.
When a truck breaks down, DKV plays the role of a liaison between the driver, his manager, and the repair shop.
DKV often has to call these actors several times to retrieve the correct information, creating much redundancy and inefficiency in the process.
How can we improve emergency truck rescue emergency service?



The project team focused on the most common case of an emergency (flat tire), and we designed a platform called DKV Xpress that allows the various stakeholders to enter real-time information simultaneously, directly, and more efficiently. All actors have visibility into the information proposed by others and can act consequently.
In addition, to enable better intervention by the workshop, we developed some functions, such as the ability to upload photos of the truck and its location.




Project Kick-off at DKV head quarter in Dusserdolf.

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 12.44.04

Stakeholder Map.



Workshop:                                                                      - To collect precise info about the component involved in the breakdown                                         - To understand if it's possible to reach the break-down location by truck.                                   - To understand if it's an issue that can be solved with a simple on-site                                                   - To collect truck data.       

Truck driver:
- To understand of long it will take to solve the issue to organize for the night.

Company:                                                                     - To solve the problem as soon as possible to minimize economic loss.                                             - To understand how long it will take to solve the issue to warn the client.

DKV:                                                                                - to have a precise estimation of the economic damage to manage the payment procedure accordingly.

DKV Xpress

A working mock-up of the application.

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