HI, I am Silvia Marchini! I am currently based in Milan / Antwerp / Bologna

I am an Italian innovation consultant, service designer & design thinking coach. I hold a bachelor in furniture design and a master degree in product design for innovation at Politecnico di Milano.                                                        
Since my childhood, I was intrigued by the idea of creating something which didn't exist before and which could be helpful somehow in people's lives; this instinctual reason led me to enroll at the design faculty.                      
During the early university years, I learned all the competencies necessary to develop a new product, from early sketches to the mock-up.
I devoted my last university years to increase my awareness about design and innovation and answer the questions: why should we create something new? What does innovation mean? How to make it meaningful and genuinely connected to people's real needs? This is how I started to research innovation management and human-centered approaches.                    
After my studies, I continued my path as a product designer for a prominent design consultancy in Milan, where I could deepen the interaction design and user experience practice. Nevertheless, I kept researching innovation approaches.
Finally, I landed in Bologna to take part in my first design thinking innovation project. From that moment, coming back was just impossible, and I have been involved in many innovation paths with companies and organizations, both nationally and internationally.

My professional goal

My professional goal is to design innovative artifacts, systems, and services to spread a positive design culture.
Good design should be everyone's concern, from teachers and philosophers to engineers & scientists. Regardless of the kind of project, design processes push us towards the future since everything we create and generate new scenarios will impact people's behaviors and the ecosystem.
This is especially true for innovation projects, which are all about changing the context we live in at different levels.

I am deeply fascinated by the serendipitous mechanisms that an innovation process should aim at igniting, such as the collaboration among different competencies and technology transfer among all.
I am interested in the design of innovation ecosystems. Every day, I research the right ingredients, consisting of actors, networks, competencies, and facilities that can foster and welcome innovative ideas.