Hi, I am Silvia Marchini!                                                                           

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I’m an Innovation designer/ Design Thinking expert and UX researcher.                        For the last 7 years, I have been helping organizations with strategic digital service innovation projects.

What can I do for with you?



I enable multidisciplinary teams to overcome knowledge silos and to collaborate by finding a common language and a common approach to handle innovation projects. I can either run workshops, hackathons or longer programs that leverage human-centered approaches and visual communication. 


Innovation Projects

I help organizations tackle innovation projects that start from a design challenge and end up with a tested solution concept and a clear plan to launch it. I take care of the whole process, including the context mapping, the problem definition, the qualitative research, the development of prototypes, and their test.


Service design

I can either work on existing services to improve them or create new ones from scratch. During the design process, I involve the users and other stakeholders (both back-end and front-end) through interviews, observations, and on-field prototype testing. I am proficient in delivering a seamless, easy and intuitive user experience.



Innovative Tech-to-Market Onboarding Experience.


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Design Thinking Mindset

Measure your Design Thinking Mindset

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